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Hoc anh van qua bai hat : Soledad – Westlife

07.01.2011, Hoc anh van qua bai hat, by .

Trong bài học này các bạn sẽ được nghe bài hát “Soledad – Westlife”. Trong lúc nghe bài hát bạn hãy điền những từ còn thiếu vào ô trống trong phần lời bài hát để kiểm tra trình độ nghe của bạn. Sau đó bạn hãy click chuột vào nút “show answer” để kiểm tra kết quả nghe của bạn.

Song: Soledad - Westlife

I Nothingville That could did image just keeping left more
the things will you

If only you could see the tears in the world you behind

If only you could heal my heart just one time

Even when I close my eyes

Theres an of your face

And once again I come Ill realise

Youre a loss I cant replace


Its a for the lonely

Since the day that you were gone

Why did you leave me


In my heart were the only

And your memory live on

Why you leave me


Walking down the streets of

Where our love was young and free

Cant believe what an empty place

It has come to be

would give my life away

If it could only be same

Cause I conceal the voice inside of me

is calling out your name

Time will never change the you told me

After all were meant to be love bring us back to you and me

If only you see


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