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Hoc anh van qua bai hat : Everyday I Love You – Boyzone

06.28.2011, Hoc anh van qua bai hat, by .

Trong bài học này các bạn sẽ được nghe bài hát “Everyday I Love You – Boyzone”. Trong lúc nghe bài hát bạn hãy điền những từ còn thiếu vào ô trống trong phần lời bài hát để kiểm tra trình độ nghe của bạn. Sau đó bạn hãy click chuột vào nút “show answer” để kiểm tra kết quả nghe của bạn.

Song: Everyday I Love You - Boyzone

(don't And I If Together
With and best dreams learn love out some that until

don't know, but I believe

That things are meant to be

And youll make a better me

Everyday love you

I never thought that came true

But you showed me they do

You know that I somethng new

Everyday I love you

'Cos I believe that destiny

Is of our control ('(don't you know I do)

And youll never live you love

With all your heart soul.

It's a touch when feel bad

It's a smile when get mad

All the little things am

Everyday I love you

Everyday I love you more

Everyday love you

'Cos I believe destiny

Is out of our control (' you know that I do)

youll never live until you love

all your heart and soul

I asked would you say yes?

were the very best

I know I am truly blessed

Everyday I you

And Ill give you my

Everyday I love you


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