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Đề thi tiếng anh trình độ C đề số 6

08.02.2011, De thi trinh do C, by .

Đây là đề thi tiếng anh trình độ C đề số 6

Bài thi này gồm 20 câu hỏi trắc nghiệm liên quan tới nhiều chủ điểm ngữ pháp khác nhau thích hợp với người học tiếng anh ở trình độ cao cấp. Mỗi câu hỏi có 4 câu trả lời gợi ý sẵn bạn hãy chọn câu đúng nhất trong số đó. Sau khi trả lời tất cả các câu hỏi bạn hãy nhấn vào link “Show answers” để biết kết quả thi của bạn.
1. Her husband treated her badly. I’m surprised she ________ it for so long.

2. The bank manager ________ me to open a deposit account as soon as possible.

3. Oxfam tries to send food to countries where people are suffering ________ malnutrition.

4. If students are to understand the notice, the instructions must be ________ clearer.

5. ________ you like what I want to do or not, you won’t make me change my mind.

6. Doctors usually have to study for at least seven years before becoming fully ________.

7. The weather was warm and pleasant with ________ a gentle wind to cool us down.

8. I wish you wouldn’t ________ your clothes all over the floor.

9. ________ he had no money for a bus, he had to walk all the way home.

10. He didn’t want to make up his mind until he had heard Pamela’s ________ of the story.

11. It is strange that Lucy is as ________ as her mother is beautiful.

12. Since the accident he has walked with a ________.

13. We flew to the island, then ________ a car for three days and visited most places of interest.

14. In America, surgeons have given a man a(n) ________ heart.

15. The examiners had to ________ half the candidates.

16. The company made a record ________ last year.

17. We must economize ________ fuel.

18. When he finally understood what she was saying, everything ________.

19. I had to give a full ________ of my camera when I reported it stolen.

20. Jim’s version of the facts doesn’t ________ with the version I heard from Jules.

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